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Prispevki na konferencah

(2015) Politico-administrative relations in the national reception of OMC policies: comparing policy sectors in Slovenia. Paper presented at the 2nd International Conference on Public Policy, Milan, Italy, 1 - 4 July 2015 (soavtor z Danico Fink Hafner).
(2015) Subnational-level policy workers in managing and implementing EU cohesion policy: the Slovenian and Croatian case. Paper presented at 2nd International Conference on Public Policy, Milan, Italy, 1 - 4 July 2015 (soavtor z Zdravkom Petakom). 
(2014)  Forming Slovenian national positions on EU legislation proposals : assessing the role of organized civil society. Paper presented at the 19th Annual Conference of Central European Political Science Association, Prague, Czech Republic, 26 - 27 September 2014 (soavtor z Meto Novak). 
(2014) The role of European Union in changes of political debates and discourse in strategic documents : the case of regional development policy in Slovenia. Paper presented at the European Consortium for Political Research General Conference, Glasgow United Kingdom, 3 - 6 September 2014 (soavtor z Meto Novak).
(2014) Euro-skepticism as a window of opportunity for Slovenian political parties?  Paper presented at the 23rd World Congress of Political Science, Montréal, Canada, 19 -24 July 2014.
(2013) Teaching and learning Europe in slovenian rural areas. ECER The European Conference on Educational Research, ''Creativity and innovation in educational research'', Istanbul, 9-13. September 2013 (soavtor z Urško Štremfel).
(2013) Why there is (almost) no Euroscepticism in Slovenia? Paper presented at the “Third democratic decade: challenges of / for consolidation” 18th Central European Political Science Association (CEPSA) Conference, Plzen, Czech Republic, 24–26 October 2013 (soavtor z Alenko Krašovec). 
(2012) Politico–Administrative Relations within the Framework of OMC Processes: Comparing Policy Sectors in Slovenia. Paper presented at the “Reshaping Power, Shifting Boundaries” 22nd World Congress of the International Political Science Association (IPSA), Madrid, 8–12 July 2012 (soavtor z Danico Fink-Hafner). 
(2011) The Local Level in the Open Method of Coordination: Ljubljana's Role in Slovenian/European Education Space. ECER The European Conference on Educational Research, "Urban Education", Berlin 12–16 September 2011 (soavtor z Urško Štremfel). 
(2011) Good Governance in Slovenian Employment and Education Policy Fields: Myth or Reality? ECPR General Conference, Reykjavik, University of Iceland, 25–27 August 2011 (soavtor z Urško Štremfel). 
(2009) The European Union: What Kind of Gambling Table for Slovenian Political Parties? ECPR General Conference, Potsdam, 10–12 September 2009 (soavtor z Alenko Krašovec). 
(2009) Multi-Level Governance in Slovenia: A Myth or Reality? CINEFOGO: The Making of European Citizenship, FP6 Network of Excellence and Bulgarian European Community Studies Association Conference "New actors in a new environment: accession to the European Union, Civil Society and Multi-level Governance", Sofia, 15 May 2009. 
(2008) The (Non-) Impact of the EU on Party Politics in Slovenia. Paper presented at the Workshop “Beyond Europeanization? The (Non-) Impact of the EU on Party Politics. London, 7 May 2008 (soavtor z Alenko Krašovec). 
(2007) The Impact of the EU on Party Politics in Slovenia: Frozen at the Turn of the 20th Century? ECPR General Conference, Pisa, Italy, 6–8 September 2007 (soavtor z Alenko Krašovec). 
(2007) Domestic Response(s) to Managing and Implementation of the EU Cohesion Policy. Paper presented at International Conference "Adapting to integration in an Enlarged European Union”, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1 June 2007. 
(2007) Absence of Party-Based Euroscepticism in Full-Membership Period in Slovenia. Paper presented at International Scientific Conference "Euroscepticism and European Integration", Zagreb, Croatia, 12–13 April 2007 (soavtor z Alenko Krašovec). 
(2006) EU-Influenced Institutional Opportunity Structures, Networking and Their Impacts on the Role of Interest Groups in Slovenia. ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, Nicosia, 25–30 April 2006 (soavtor z Danico Fink Hafner). 
(2004) Europeanisation and Regionalisation: Domestic Change(s) and Structural Networks in Slovenia. ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, Uppsala, 13–18 April 2004. 
(2004) Preparations for EU Structural Funds in Slovenia: How the Slovenian Hen Hatches the EU's Golden Eggs? Dublin: University College Dublin. Final Plenary Conference "The Challenge of EU Enlargement. Managing EU Business & Policy Implementation", 24–25 September 2004.